Mar 1st 2016
DEZOITO, new album! Download MP3 from Sinewave or FLAC from Bandcamp
Jan 15th 2016
The album "Dezoito" ("18") was scheduled for release on Oct 29th 2015, but now it's really almost done. Coming soon.
August 18th 2015
This website is being redesigned right now so it can be viewed in any device, from smartphones to desktop computers. Meanwhile, I will try to keep everything working. Thanks for your patience.
July 20th 2015
"Nowadays, it's rare to find anything similar to the mighty body of work that Gustavo has been building." Anthem Albums reviewed A New Life In A New Planet, read the full text (for now, only in Portuguese) here.
July 4th 2015
Early works now available for free/name-your-price! Click: Birth (2000-2003, released 2012) and Round Mi (2003).
May 11th 2015
Jan 6th 2015
Tsunami is "an album intensely black, immersive, where the tones challenge constantly the ears" - read the full review by Synth and Sequences!
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