Gabriel Kalb & Gustavo Jobim: Luna (2014)

1. Mare Tranquillitatis 5:22
2. Mare Frigoris 4:42
3. Mare Undarum 6:12
4. Lacus Somniorum 5:18
5. Mare Crisium 4:56
6. Mare Imbrium 3:37
7. Mare Serenitatis 7:31
Total: 37:38

Recorded: 2014

Released: 12.11.2014 - Digital download - Sinewave / Independent

Graphics: Art by Gustavo Jobim

Catalog No.: SW0135

About this album: "The record doesn't have a theme, the titles are last minute illustrations made after the music was finished. The track names are different regions of the Moon, hence the album's title, in the same language, Latin. The record was made because I heard Kalb's album, Armadilha, which sounded like some of my music; so I invited him for a collaborative project. The first idea was to make ambient with piano music; eventually we added other elements. Since this wasn't a commercial project, we took about one year to make it." (Gustavo Jobim)

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