I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I've been making music for nearly 20 years. I've played live solo and with bands, collaborated with artists from all over the world and released more than 20 albums. Now I'm focusing on my youtube channel and movie soundtracks.

I've been awarded Best Original Soundtrack for "Os Príncipes", new film by Luiz Rosemberg Filho, in CinePE 2018. And I've just released a new album called Nostalgia TV.

Here's a list of works. Most of them are available at Bandcamp.

2018 Nostalgia TV
2017 Os Príncipes (soundtrack, unreleased) dir. Luiz Rosemberg Filho
2017 Meio-Dia
2016 Imagens (soundtrack, unreleased) dir. Luiz Rosemberg Filho
2016 Dezoito
2015 A New Life In A New Planet
2014 Tsunami
2014 Underground
2014 Luna (Gabriel Kalb & Gustavo Jobim)
2014 Hochofen (Michael Brückner + Gustavo Jobim)
2014 Arrival (Gustavo Jobim & Visszajáró)
2014 Retrospect 2013 (compilation)
2014 Inverno
2013 Normal Music (Visszajáró & Gustavo Jobim)
2013 Manifesto
2013 Retrospect 00/12 (compilation)
2013 Round Mi 10th Anniversary Edition
2013 Connection - Tribute to Conrad Schnitzler
2013 Stream (Gustavo Jobim, solo piano / Christian Caselli, photography)
2013 Piano Experiments 04/08 (compilation)
2013 Naïf
2012 Nocturnes
2012 Perspectives (Gustavo Jobim, solo piano / Ian Land, photography)
2012 Birth
2012 Symphony No.2
2011 In Search of Berlin
2011 Trapped in a Day Job
2008 Toma, Figurão (Zumbi do Mato)
2008 Belles Alliances (Gustavo Jobim and Friends)
2007 The Art of Boredom
2006 Tempochuva (Thelmo Cristovam, Filipe Giraknob, Gustavo Jobim)
2005 Symphony No.1
2003 Round Mi
2001 Sequensea (early work, unreleased)
2000 Adventure (early work, unreleased)
2000 October to December (early work, unreleased)
2000 Avojo (early work, unreleased)

©2018 Gustavo Jobim